Today was a loooong one. We only covered 23 km but it took 10 1/2 hours with stops , maybe 8 hours walking. We ended up 500 m higher but to get there we climbed 1,100m and descended 680m. Many of the paths were in reality streams with lots of mud ( again). This required a degree of     agility difficult when you are over 60 and carrying 13kg with a full load of water !

A path along a stream was a problem as there had been a lot of washouts requiring us to scramble up steep banks.

My Fitbit tells me I did amost 11 hours of fat burn and an hour and a half of cardio today so I hope that has some impact on my waistline !

Tomorrow I tackle the Cisa Pass into Tuscany.And I’ve clocked up my first 100km !

PS (written in the morning) – but I had a great time and the scenery was amazing !

yes ! a bridge ! unfortunately things went downhill from here



We went up


and up and up on slippery paths


except when we were going down on slippery paths


They’re not kidding !


Nice place to hang the washing!


the old ticker got a work out