Our original plan today was to walk another of the stages of the Via Romea Germanica from Kloster/Chiusa to Klobenstein/Collabro. This morning it was raining again and we decided to skip this walk. It’s only 20km but there’s a challenging 1,300m climb.

Instead, we took the train to Bolzano and used the spectacular funicular to take us up into the Ritten area where we had booked our accommodation.

Looking back down at Bolzano from the funiculare.

From the top of the funicular, there’s a pleasant 6km walk to Klobenstein. The Promenade Freud is named in honour of Sigmund Freud who spent his summer holidays here in 1911. At that time, the region was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Freud and his daughter Anna.
One of Italy’s smaller restaurants.

There wasn’t room there for us, so we went looking for somewhere to buy panini but ended up with much more!

In the afternoon, the weather started to clear and we were hopeful of getting a view of the nearby Dolomite Mountains.

There’s a nice walk that takes you to the ‘earth pyramids’ which are formed when soil gets eroded with large rocks supported by the soil.

In the late afternoon, the clouds lifted, giving us a wonderful view of the mountains.

Tonight we had to walk a long way to find somewhere open to eat dinner and most places close at 8pm! It’s very different to walking in somewhere like Spain where often nothing opens until 9pm.

Tomorrow is the last day of this little excursion as Fran has to return to work. We should get sone good views tomorrow as the forecast is for fine weather .