Today we had planned to walk south from Vipiteno but the weather forecast for tomorrow was not good. We decided to take the train to Bressanone and do the beautiful walk south from there while the weather was good.

The weather forecast in Ladin, which along with German and Italian is one of the languages of the South Tyrol.

This walk heads into the hills with a steep climb from Bressanone and passes through forest and farm land high above the busy valley below.

A view of the Dolomites
Life on the farm.

The apple trees are all in flower.

Spot the bees.

In the middle of some apple orchards we found a vending machine with fresh apples, juice and dried fruit.

A tradition in the Tyrol is that of crucifixes erected along the roads.

We found a park bench with a wonderful view for our lunch.

Lunch time.

Part of the walk was lined with ancient chestnut trees.

An old chestnut tree.

The walk stretches for just 15km but with the climbing took around 4 hours. In the mid afternoon, the Monastery of Sabiona, situated on a cliff behind Koster, came into view.

From there, a steep path takes you down to the pretty town of Kloster/Chiusa. It’s a beautiful day’s walk !


The walk in ‘Relive