Today we caught the train back up to Brenner Pass to recommence our original planned journey. It looked like the planned snow hadn’t occurred as there was little on the ground. After furnishing ourselves with some ham and cheese panini, we were off.

Getting our lunch at the Brenner Pass.

A lot of today’s journey follows the bike bath which in turn follows the route of the old railway line. The modern train line goes down a long tunnel.

We found a beautiful spot to sit and have our bread rolls .

We passed through the pretty little town of Gossensaß.

Off in the distance is Straßburg castle.

From here it was just a half hour walk down to the town of Sterzing/Vipiteno, well kown in Italy for its yogurt.

The town has a very pleasant old centre with the tower built in 1472 dividing the old and the ‘new’ parts of town.

Time for dinner and off to bed. We’re still working out what we will do tomorrow . The train line running down the valley makes things very flexible and bad weather is predicted from Thursday !!

A nice local red .

Our route today.