Last night I’d seen a small crowd outside the theatre across the street and wondered what was happening. It turned out that local girl made good, Gina Lollobrigida, had returned for a celebration of her 95th birthday.

After yesterday’s fiasco, I had to walk back up to the monastery area above Subiaco as this is an essential part of this Cammino .

In the early 6th century, Saint Benedict lived for some years in a cave here. A monastery was established on the site and today it’s famous for the architecture and frescoes painted between the 8th and 15th centuries

There is some restoration work underway at present .

Saint Benedict

I also passed by the monastery of Santa Scolastica, who was Benedict’s twin sister. It was founded by him along with about 12 others in the area

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit as it was getting late and I had another 17km to travel. It was a pity as it has a beautiful cloister and books in the library dating from the 15th century.

The walk continued up the valley of the River Aniene. There was often the sound of the cool rushing water and I ducked my head under it a few times to cool down.

Water running down a bank and across the road.

It was a hot day and some of the fountains along the way weren’t running. I stopped to try to find a waterfall and met a Spanish motorcyclist who was looking for it too. He kindly gave me some water.

The pond of an old mill.
Cascata di Trevi

I was very tired when I eventually reached the town late in the afternoon. It’s very pretty and quite a few people wanted to stop for a chat

A pretty corner of Trevi in Lazio.
The door to my accommodation.
Washing done!

The only place in town where there was passable mobiles reception was up at the castle, so blog writing had to wait another day.

The castle at Trevi in Lazio

My host Luisa pointed out one of the doors which looked liked all the others with its fly screen and told me it was a food shop. I was after some fruit so I went in.

Trevi di Lazio

I asked for a mixture and the proprietor gave me quite a lot for just €2. When we started talking about what I was doing, he kept putting more and more fruit in until there must have been almost a kilo. I’ll have to eat it quickly to keep the backpack weight down!

I’d been wondering is anything lived in the river waters and I had my answer at dinner. The smell of the freshwater crustaceans was very nice indeed!

Tomorrow is a forecast to be a little cooler in the low 30s and I’m walking 22km to Collepardo.