I had a big T bone and chips as well as a cheese plate for dinner washed down by a 1/2 liter of chianti red and woke up hungry ! My Fitbit days I used up 5,300 calories yesterday, not sure how many T bones and chips that equals .

I had a choice of coco pops and corn flakey things with pieces of chocolate  , chocolate cake, chocolate filled rolls etc ( you get the picture) for breakfast.

I headed off by myself today as the French pilgrim stayed somewhere else and we hadn’t swapped phone numbers. The path took me uphill to the Cisa Pass which crosses the Appenines and was an important route back in the Longobard period.

I asked one of the many motorcyclists up there if she could take my photo and it turned out she’d spent 6 months in Perth. After the Pass, there was a long windy descent down a valley to Pontremoli. There is still some wildlife in the hills, I saw 2 deer and a few rabbits or hares, and heard lots of cuckoos. The path was mostly asphalt which makes for fast walking but a bit hard on the feet.

I spend a lot of time trying to organise accommodation a few days ahead and I had a lot of problems with the hostels in Pontremoli, so I booked a Agriturismo on line. I thought it was 2 km from town but it turned out to be 2 km from the freeway exit. Some kind people with a cocker spaniel gave me a lift to the turn off and I started walking again. After a couple of Kms of very steep road I rang them and the guy came and picked me up. It turns out to be a beautiful little hamlet, there are making me dinner and will drop me back in town tomorrow  !

The road will provide.


the church at Berceto dayes back to Longobard times – the 8th century



Lots of these flowers in the hills


At the Cisa pass between Emilia and Tuscany



The quick way to Rome 3 hours instead of 3 weeks for me


My Agriturismo found by accident


Dinner for one