Last night ( Sunday) just about everything for dinner came from the farm – the preserved meats, bread, wine. Massimo, the owner was keen to talk and we a few long conversations about all sorts of things.

 As it turned out, he had to go to a meeting in the morning along the VF route so my walking was reduced by 8km. A lot of today was on asphalt, as I slowly decended the valley of the Magra river. It was hard in the feet. People who do these sorts of walks are always taking about blisters but I have only had one since I started training for this trip back in December and that was due to getting wet socks in a storm. But today two blisters are developing on my left foot to add to my sore heals ! Let’s see what tomorrow brings which includes a big climb over a range as I get closer to the coast .


very old church at Sorano


The white and red VF sign and what looked like s very old path beteen two stone walls. just ahead was barbed wire on a stick across the path painted whit and red no doubt to disourage trail bike riders, pne of whom almost ran me over !


Chestnut trees


tempting !


The fortified village of Lusuolo. The peace and quiet of the countryside except fot the constant freeway noise and screech of trains in the valley below


Home for tonight – the Aulla pilgrims’ hostel