Today was one of the shortest days of my walk. It was either 15km to Miraz or continue on for 40kms to Sobrado Do Monxes. I’ve walked over 40km in a day before but it makes for long day, so I decided to do it over 2 days.

As I was in a hotel, I didn’t have to leave it 8am as is usual in a pilgrim albergue, so I sauntered down to breakfast at 9am.

Shortly after, a man ushered 6 people into the bar, they lined up to get a stamp in their pilgrim passport from the obliging bartender and then left without even buying anything.

I saw them all drive off in a van. I don’t know what sort of pilgrimage they’re on, but it’s a bit different to mine!

Then Lois, a german pilgrim who I’d met before, came in for breakfast. He told me that he’d been walking since July and mainly sleeps in his tent.

Such a difference to the other group!

Baamonde is at the point where only 100km remain to Santiago de Compostella.

There was a heavy fog until around 11am.

After a short section of walking along a busy road, the Camino branched along another ancient trail.

I crossed a beautiful old bridge.

Nearby was chapel of Saint Alberte, built around the end of tbe 14th century. It was associated with a nearby pilgrim hostel in medieval times.

Heres a very typical horrio ( grain store) of the area,

and a typical old farmhouse.

Decisions, decisions!

This woman was calling out instructions to the cows but I’m sure that they were just folowing the leader.

This tree has been trimmed in an interesting way.

I walked for a while with Bert from the Netherlands. I stopped for lunch

and caught up with Bert a bit later at a bar. He told me that he’s got a very special stamp from a man a kilometer back. I headed back and got his stamp even though he was having his lunch.

Francisco melts wax with a blow torch to make a seal.

He’s a sculptor and I’m sure that this statue in a nearby park is a self portrait!

Goats on their way home…

At dinner I met the Dutch couple who I’ve come across maybe 5 times over the last 5 weeks and we all had dinner together.

Tomorrow I’m off to stay with the monks.