The place I stayed last night had a serve yourself breakfast this morning, with cereal 🙂.

It was a long walk out of Gijón through the suburbs.

From there, I entered an industrial area dominated by a small coal mine. I wonder how it manages to keep running.

Here’s a view looking back towards Gijón.

This metal recycling plant is called ‘Green Park’.

Eventually after a bit of a climb, I reached an attractive rural area.

I caught up with a group of guys and for a second time on this walk, I recognised that they were italian by the distinctive guide book in one of their backpack pockets.

In one of those weird twists of fate, it turned put some of them came from a village just a few kilometers from where my wife’s parents came from.

One of them pointed out to me that the Italian messages I’d seen at intervals along the camino were in fact verses of an italian song ‘La collina dei ciliegi’ by Lucio Battisti.

All too soon I reached the industrial area near Avilés. My guide book says that this is the ugliest part of the whole Camino del Norte and mentions the possibility of skipping it by train.

However I found it interesting and it didn’t take long to pass the area.

I’d heard that restaurants in these areas a really good value as they cater for workers who get their lunch paid. It’s true!

I passed quickly through the town of Aviles,

and walked on to the seaside town of Salinas.

This lady was feeding the ducks.

The albergue is on top of a steep hill needing one final effort to get there. It’s in the old rectory of a church which dates back to the 10th century.

It should be a nice quiet place for a sleeo. It’s not too full and I have a little room to myself.