I left this morning with Viktoria and we walked together for the morning.

Before we left, Arrate told us that the house which is now tbe albergue was over 300 years old and a little church across the road was a stopping point for pilgrims walking to Santiago. The house has a cross of Santiago and a date in the 1600s which is hard to read.

There was quite a bit of mist this morning with some rain expected.

This snail was certainly enjoying the weather.

Here’s Viktoria ahead of me as we head up yet another long climb.

We were still in a logging area.

Basque nationalist sentiment seems particularly strong around here with signs even in English.

There’s been a mass trial of a activists recently.

It started to rain lightly so out came the jackets which of course frightened the rain away.

The weather is not hot but it is humid and I ended up walking all day wet through from sweat. Last night’s washing never dried so it’s off to the laundromat in Bilbao.

We passed some traditional Basque churches which look like little fortresses with a wooden porch.

There was a stretch of suburban walking before one final forest climb to get to Bilbao. At least there were some figs to pick along the way.

Bilbao in the distance.

It was a busy afternoon. I checked in to my pension and then visited Santiago in the cathedral and got a stamp for my credencial or pilgrim’s passport.

Then it was off to the laundromat which was in this typical city building.

I had a late lunch of pintxos and cider waiting for my washing. I missed taking a photo of the cider pouring but the barman kindly poured a second glass and then drank it himself.

My last activity was a visit to the famous Gugenheim museum which certainly is spectacular.

A fitting dinner for a pilgrim heading to Santiago.

Tomorrow it’s a nice short 20km but hilly walk to Portugalete which is actually the end point of one of Bilbao’s metro line.