Portugalete is part of the extended Bilbao urban area.

I’ve started to get a sore throat so I went into a pharmacy to get some Strepsils. They had just about everything a pilgrim could need on display!

However the route isn’t entirely urban as it cuts across a mountain area with a stiff climb of over 500m.

There was a great view of the Gugenheim Museum building with tbe reflected morning sun.

I met Pascale from France early on and we walked today’s 20km together.

Part of the walk was along a 17th century stone pathway.

There was a bit of animal life along the way.

All too soon we were back into the urban area.

At lunch I finally realised why you’re given lemonade at lunchtime. The Spanish mix lemonade with their red wine to make ‘Tinto de Verano’ or summer red. I never saw this on my last walk on the Via de la Plata.

Here’s Jesus with a TV aerial.

The albergue is right next door to the World Heritage listed transporter bridge, built in 1893. It was the first of these type of bridges ever built.

A gondola carries vehicles across the waterway. The bridge is very high, allowing ships to pass through.

Here’s what a €9 pilgrims special looks like.

Tomorrow it’s a 26km walk to Castro-Urdiales where I’ll be back on the coast.