The local bar didn't open til 9am so after my night alone in the huge monastery room I had an improvised breakfast and headed off up a steep rocky track out of the valley in which the monastery is situated .
The view looking back gives a bit of an idea of how large the monastery is. My big room was on the ground floor of what looks like a small building on the left.

Via Sanabrés

Even I couldn't miss this turn

but once again I missed a clearly marked turn but this farmer told me I'd  missed the turn. Maybe I subconsiously missed it as the path I had to follow was a mixture of churned up mud and cow pooh.

There were lots of ancient pathways but the recent rain made the rocks slippery .

Look at the beautiful green pasture these cows have to enjoy !

A beautiful old bridge

This will be very familiar to Australians!

I saw a horreo ( see the last few posts) with its door open and it was being stacked with corn. It's interesting that some are still being used for their original purpose.

This is the best scarecrow I've seen


I was so intent on getting lunch that I didn't see that the Camino went off the road a bit before. After a very nice lunch

I blithely headed off down the main road. A very helpful woman ran across the road to point me in the right direction . People have. Been so helpful!

I've put in two big days – all up around 80km and 1,200m of climbing and I can now enjoy two short 20km days to get to Santiago!