Silleda – Ponte Ulla October 26th

Last night I ran into two Italian guys I hadn’t seen since we were in Salamanca, almost 3 weeks ago. They hadn’t taken any rest days and so were ahead of me but now stopped as one of them was sick. I’m so glad that my health has been good as I’m walking alone

I haven’t had anyone to speak English with for a few weeks now so my head was full of Spanish and I kept using Spanish words by mistake when I spoke to them in Italian.

Today I had a leasurely 20km walk to Ponte Ulla and arrived just in time for lunch!

A lot of the walk was in bitumen but they were quiet country roads.

More nice juicy figs

Those of you who have been following my adventures will have read how I’m  somewhat absent minded and at times miss arrows telling me to take a turn. Here’s a good example! I stopped to take off my jumper this morning and thought it would be nice to take a photo of my backpack resting against a camino sign . Then I charged off down the road and only realised 10 minutes later when I  looked at my GPS that I’d missed a turn. Of course it was the very marker I taken a photo of!

I’ve seen these plants growing alongside the road for many weeks now. They’re called ‘escoba’ or broom plants because of their shape .

Escoba plant

Chestnuts all over the road.

This is the bridge over the river Ulla which gives Ponte Ulla it’s name. In the background is the railway viaduct.

Sopa Gallega for lunch again .

The  washing place was the social centre of the village.

These bananas are trying hard, but I don’t think they’re going to make it with winter on the way.

It’s hard to believe , but I’m only 20km from Santiago. I don’t know what my feelings will be when I arrive tomorrow .


4 thoughts on “Silleda – Ponte Ulla October 26th”

  1. Thanks, Paul for sharing your adventure with the rest of the world. I for one will miss reading your daily updates. The Vdlp was on my short list for a 2017 camino until I realized through your blog how isolated it seems to be. Solitude is great – up to a point – but not having company for several weeks feels like too much of a good thing.


    1. Hi Marcella I’d say 80% of my walking has been alone but most nights there were other pilgrims dribbling into the albergue and I met a lot of people. It always amazes me that one night I would be alone and the next 8 pilgrims would appear from somewhere!


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