What a pity to leave my nice little room with my own bathroom and my very own power point to charge everything up ! But it was time to move on.

Looking up river towards the thermal springs there was a cloud of fog.

I met a Korean couple of about my age who had lived in Australia for 5 years some time ago . I was amazed to hear that they had left Seville a week after me and had stopped in Ourense for 3 nights. I thought they must have been speed walkers until they told me that the heat had been too much for them in the south and they’d skipped quite a bit using public transport .

There was a long steep climb out of the valley in which Ourense sits rewarded by a view of the city from the top.

Via Sanabrés

I met a man up there watching over some sheep . He was interested in Australia and we had a chat about travelling .

I passed more interesting old villages

Via Sanabrés

saw some more hórreos

and walked along some remaining pieces of medieval pathway.

Via Sanabrés
About this time in my usual absent minded way I missed a turn off and had to use my GPS to find a wast to get back on track. Just when I arrived back on track, two locals told me I had come the wrong way. Thanks!

A weird garden …

Pumpkins 🎃 and firewood 

This photo is a bit indistinct but usually feet take off as soon as they see or hear you . These two were a long way off and stopped still just long enough for me to take a photo.

Decisions , decisions 

Via Sanabrés

I took the route towards Oseira because  I’d heard that the Cistercian Monastery at Oseira was an interesting place to stay.

The monastery is huge, there must have been hundreds of monks here once . I went to Vespers and there were 10 monks there, dressed in their white robes with the peaked cap as well as some local people.

The albergue is in a huge room in an unused wing with I’d say 10 metre ceilings, 40 beds tucked in the corner and me all alone.

Luckily the local bar was open and I ate very so so food at high prices. Just me alone again!

And almost forgot to say – I lost count of how many figs I ate today – so sweet and juicy !!