Having done a long walk yesterday, I came across a whole different set of pilgrims I hadn’t met before. For example in the next bed was an Italian from Aosta. He’s doing the Camino de la Plata for an incredible 9th time and he’s 84 years old. I also caught up with a nice young Indian guy who I’d heard about days ago as he’s vowed not to speak for the duration of his pilgrimage.

I went do dinner with Jerry from New York and we both had a tasty bean soup.

I crossed over a lovely medieval bridge on the way out of town.

The path this morning was very autumnal . In the distance in this photo is another pilgrim.

This is the typical style of church in this area.

The path later in the day was quite confusing as works on a new high speed railway line has disrupted the path is a number of places. 

I ended up walking a lot on bitumen which probably wasn’t a bad thing as my hip was starting to hurt and the flat surface is probably better. I missed the turnoff for the traditional path up through the mountains but the signage may have been removed. After an ascent ion the asphalt

I came across this sign which seemed to indicate I was supposed to come this way

Via Sanabresy

You certainly have to keep your eye out for signs and there is a lot of temporary signage because of the rail works.

 Via Sanabrés

It was very misty as I made my way up to the pass which at 1,346m is the highest point of this route to Santiago.

Via Sanabrés

I passed under the freeway. Yesterday I went over and under it 6 times.

This was the wall decoration in the little mountain bar where I had lunch.

Mountain Ferns

This house looks like it has grown out of the rock.

This chestnut tree was huge. I put my walking sticks in front of it to give an idea of its size.

This is the view looking back at the pass from the balcony of the albergue. My washing is hanging out there but I’m not too confident of it drying.

Some village houses in Lubián where I’m staying tonight.


Via sanabres Lubián