Today I had a choice of either a 26km day or a 40km day. If I took the shorter option, then the following days were going to be awkward in length . I went for the 40km and arrived tired and a bit sore after 9 hours on the road z

But back to last night. I went to the restaurant across the road with Case and Kiki from Valencia. I’ve no idea how you spell his name that’s how it sounds . After weeks of fried meat with chips, it was an amazing change. For €10 we had a four course quality meal with wine, coffee and spirits. This is the main course- quail.

And after..

The strange thing is that a little mix up occurred with the change which was quickly resolved but for some reason the proprietor flew into a rage. He was shouting at Kiki with his face a few inches from Kiki’s and when his wife ran to push him away he started throwing chairs around. A strange end to a memorable meal.

The albergue was very large with two big rooms but there were only 4 of us

Via de la Plata
There’s nothing much to report about the first few hours of the walk.

Via de la plata
Kiki passed me on his bike.

Today I passed through around 6 or 7 little villages They were all almost deserted with little life. This elderly lady was chopping her firewood.

At one village , the stairs up to the  bell tower of the church were external so you could climb up . The strange thing is, after walking alone for days, two other pilgrims turned up at the same time – Case who I’ve been bumping into for days and Jerry from New York. We took each other’s photo.

Whilst there were some new houses in these villages, there were many old ones in various stages of disrepair.

Via Sanabrés
Via Sanabrés

Old and new

I wonder what the inhabitants used to do as there seemed to be little agriculture or pastoral use of the land . 

Via Sanabrés
I saw a few sheep and some small chestnut plantations.

The old centre of Sanabria is up high above the river.I arrived a bit late and didn’t have time unfortunately to go up and explore. Sanabria gives its name to this part of the route – the Via Sanabrés.

Tomorrow I’m planning a shorter day , I hope it doesn’t rain!