Santa Croya de Tera – Rionegro del Puente October 16th

Today was another overcast and windy day but at least it didn’t rain!

It was still dark at 8 am when I headed off but luckily I have my trusty little GPS. By the end of the month, sunrise is going to be st around 9am.

After a while I caught up with the three Spanish guys who are finishing their walk today and I bade them farewell.

 Via sanabres
The countryside is slowly getting greener though it still varies considerably .

Via sanabres

Via sanabres


The route took me across the top of the Avaganzal  dam with its noisy hydro generator .Via de la plata

Along the road next to some corn fields were apple trees and grape vines – very tasty!

Via de la plata

Via de la plata

I almost caught up with the French guy who was the only other person in the albergue last night but he went on ahead when I stopped to get some food out of my backpack. 

He’s arrived here by an unusual route from Alicante. He had left an hour or so before me but had stopped along the way . I decided to walk straight through today without stopping and covered the 30km in 6 hours.

He also mentioned he’d met an Indian guy walking which is not common but what is really unusual is that he’s taken a vow of silence for the period of his walk !

Via de la plata
You’d need to be careful coming  home after a few drinks living here!

The albergue here is in a restored medieval building.

Rionegro albergue

I’m thinking of doing a long day tomorrow and the weather is looking like it might be better !


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