Lubián – A Gudiña October 19th

    Today was a walk of only 25km but there was about 500m of climbing.

    The day was mostly overcast with bits of sun coming through every now and then.

    Early morning in Lubián 

    Lubián via Sanabrés
    I left with Manolo from Seville and also  with the Indian guy who’s name I still don’t know but he walks very fast and soon left us behind.

    Via Sanabrés
    The path soon started to climb steeply up into the hills.

    There are lots of ferns growing higher up .

    At the top of the mountain ridge we had arrived in Galicia. This is the fourth and last Spanish region I will be walking through. I started in Andalusía, walked the full length of Extremadura and crossed western Castilla y Leon.
    Looking back

    This display panel tells us that we have 210km left to get Santiago de Compostella

    Via Sanabrés

    We stopped at a village bar for lunch

    The countryside is very green – so different to my first 4 weeks of walking .

    Via Sanabrés

    I’m told it rains a lot in Galicia.

    There are similar old stone houses here to those I’ve seen over the last few days. This one has a big bulge in its wall

    At the local hardware store  – bells for all sized animals 

    Home cooked meal  y Frank in the Albergue tonight!


    4 thoughts on “Lubián – A Gudiña October 19th”

    1. What changes in the countryside Paul! So green and mossy.
      Is it cold? I guess you dong feel cold as you’re moving along. How many kms have you travelled so far? Where are you going after this? What an experience! Look forward to tomorrow’s blog. Take care.


    2. Thank you Paul… In a month I will start my own Camino – Via Sanabres. So with great pleasure I read your everyday posts trying to learn something new and useful about the route.
      Buen camino and keep walking Paul!
      (and sorry for my English…)


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