Leaving Ribadero as the sun rose, at about 8.30am, the sky was already full of contrails.

Early on I met Danny from the Canary Islands and we walked together for a while until he mysteriously disappeared.

He’s planning to get to Santiago on Thursday walking 50km a day. I’ll be there on Sunday all going well.

It was very tranquil with lots of great scenery.

Early on there were pockets of mist.

Here in Galicia, there are so many camino signs that it’s pretty well impossible to get lost. Each post has the remaining distance to Santiago down to the nearest kilometer!

There was a lot of activity with the corn harvest underway.

The horrios, or elevated grain stores, are starting to look more like the ones I’ve seen before in southern Galcia.

Later in the day it got quite warm.

I walked for a while with a couple of English pilgrims I’d met before. It is so much easier speaking your own language!

I came across a couple who are walking with their dog. He can only walk so far and it’s taken them 5 weeks to cover the distance I’ve walked in 25 days. He loked pretty tired to me.

Also most albergues don’t accept people with pets so they have problems with accommodation most days.

The posts of this fence were strangely covered with snails.

At Lourenzá I’m in a spotless private albergue with a wonderful sun terrace for drying my washing.

A Dutch couple I’ve run into a few times turned up here as well. They’d been to the municipal albergue and decided it was too dirty. I’ve heard rumours about bed bugs there.

The little town has a very large church. Founded in 969, it was asociated with a Benedictine monastery. The town basically grew up around the monastery.

The current baroque facade, designed by Marrios Navoa, is the foreruner to Santiago Cathedral.

There are bits and pieces of the old monastery scattered about the town.

Tomorrow it’s another 30km walk with lits of climbing.