The guy who ran tbe hotel last night was a real Basil Fawlty type.It was a fixed price ‘menu’ style Spanish dinner which always includes a bottle of wine, beer or water as part of the price.

Well the last 12 I’ve had did.I asked for wine and he brought me a little glass. “Can I have a bottle ?”, I asked.

Then I got a dressing down. “If you want a bottle you should ask for a bottle, if you ask for wine you get a glass, isn’t that clear?

He stormed off and brought me a bottle and was brusque for the rest of the meal! And of course the price was the same.

The forecast rain did eventuate today and I headed off with my rain jacket on. Before long I was wet through with sweat, much wetter than if I hadn’t worn the raincoat.

Before long little blue patches of blue sky appeared and that was it as far as rain was concerned.

Early on in tbe day I passed this attractive old church.

Ten minutes later I passed it again. Whoops. I felt a bit better when I ran into a Spanish guy I’d met a few days ago who’d made tbe same mistake . Eventually we found the almost hidden path to Santiago.

There weren’t too many people around today. I did run into one old gent who likes to go on long walks with an old transister radio hanging around his neck on a piece of string.He didn’t want his photo taken, but this man didn’t mind.

I did see lots of animals such as these cats

and chooks.

In these rural areas, a man in a van comes around selling groceries. When he stopped at a farm house, couple of Geman guys walking up ahead of me decided to buy their lunch.

A sculpture in the middle of nowhere.

Today I discovered that the bottles I’ve seen hanging from trees and vines are wasp traps to stop them spoiling fruit.

It seems that there’s an infestation of the ‘Asian Wasp’.

About half way through the day I arrived at the pretty little fishing port of Luarca.

It would have been nice to stop for a fish lunch, but I would have had to have waited for an hour for restaurants to open. I had 32km to walk, so it was a sandwich at a bar for me.

A lot of pilgrims stopped for the night here.Today I started noticing a lot of slate roofs.

Even the horrios (elevated grain stores) have slate roofs.

I couldn’t really tell what this horrio roof was made of.

Some of the horrios in this western part of Asturias look like little castles.

Beans seem to be a major crop.

A lot of the walking was on pleasant rural tracks.

I was worried all day that I’d arrive at the albergue in a tiny village and it would already be full, but I was tbe first to arrive and its only about a quarter full.

As I’ll soon be passing from Asturias to Galicia, I decided to have one last cider.

Albergue piñera

Sports at the albergue.

Albergue piñera

Dinner time

Albergue piñera camino norte