It was promising to be a fine day when I headed off this morning. I hadn’t had a good sleep as there were two loud snorers last night. At times it seemed like they were having a snore conversation.

There were some pleasant bits of countryside today

but also a lot of uninteresting semi- suburban areas.

Also it was a hard slog on mostly bitumen for 28km.

Here’s a pilgrim carrying his guitar. He didnt get to the albergue last night until almost 8pm and then went straight to sleep.

Some young pilgrims just set up their tent along the way.

One constant sight along this walk has been the beautiful hydreanges.

I dropped into a cafe for a sugar fix mid morning

and they had this wonderful display – so many colours!

It’s much easier to photograph slugs than say insects as there’s lots of time to compose and focus.

I walked for a while with Sergio who I’ve run into a few times.His Spanish is nice and clear. One pilgrim from Madrid at dinner last night spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand a word.

During my usual fig picking, I came across his unusual double one.

A lot of the barns around here have this unusual style of construction.

As I was a bit bored, I played around with my camera’s features. This solid farmhouse is typical of this area.

My end point today was the little fishing port of Tapia de Casariego.

Like many of the ports along the coast here, it needs substantial harbour walls as it’s not really a natural port.

Heres a little fishing boat heading out.

Last light, the hospitaleros told us that both albergues in Vilela, my intended destination tomorrow, are now shut. As a result, I’ll be having a very short walk to Ribadeo, the last point on the coast before I turn inland towards Santiago for the last week of this Camino.

I’ve also heard reports of bed bugs in municipal albergues ahead so I busy looing for alternatives!