After a typical Spanish breakfast

it was back on the road again.

This guy was collecting donations for his fruit and coffee which go towards helping children with Downs Syndrome. He was very proud of his photo taken with Martin Sheen.

The scenery was beautiful though a lot of the day was again walking on bitumen.

A little roadside pilgrim thing

I had a chat with this guy who told me that young people don’t use scythes any more. His was handmade with beautifully carved handles.

Some colourful houses.

An old traditional house.

A farmer has thoughtfully provided a picnic table for pilgrims.

The sand pile at an industrial site was covered with goat footprints

Walking towards a cloud.

The town of Colombres has some interesting 19th century villas.

This sign in the local dialect I think basically says that if you come in you get bitten.

I’ve now left Cantabria and entered the Principality of the Asturias.

I took an alternative route towards the end of the day along the coast on top of the cliffs.

At one point, the ocean has cut a passage through the rock and a ‘secret’ beach has been formed at the end of the passage.

These cows like living on the edge.

At my destination of Pendueles, I was lucking to get into the Albergue “Aves de Paso” as it’s small and it turns out you can book which many people did.

Javier runs it from his own home in a very old village house.

The only problem for me is the very low beam next to my head. I’ve already hit my head a number of times and ended up on tbe floor once.

Dinner time

Javier laso washed our clothes.

Sorting the washing