It was peak hour for packing backpacks this morning after breakfast in the Albergue.

Albergue Izarra

Most of today’s walk was on bitumen, but through very pleasant countryside.

There’s been a noticeable change in the architecture as I’ve travelled west. Houses here are quite different to those on the Basque Country. The little town of Comillas has some nice examples.

The road led inevitably back to the coast, with spectacular views of the ‘Picos de Europa’ mountains off in the distance.

The name probably originated from their being the first part of Europe seen by ships returning from America. The highest peak is 2650m.

Surf and Turf
Home grown pumpkins for sale

I passed many beaches with quite a few surfers and their vans.

It’s definitely the end of the season though, as a lot of the surf schools and restaurants are closed.

I reached San Vicente mid afternoon. I ended up leaving Antonio to finish the day on his own as he was having foot problems and had to slow down a lot.

The medieval bridge.

The town was an important point on the pilgrim route to Santiago. It had numerous hostels for pilgrims. This is the ruin of one of them, the Hospital de la Concepción from the 14th century.

Today the town has no pilgrim albergue.

Up above the other side of the door is an angel holding the cross of the Knights Templar.

Antonio and I met up for dinner and dhaTed a nice little mixed seafood plate.

Tomorrow I continue further west to the little town of Pendueles.