I was lucky to get to stay in the albergue ‘Aves de Paso’ last night as most beds had been reserved and also Javier closes in a few days at the end of the month. However I think I hit my head on the low beam maybe 10 times, even when I was bending over!

I left at 8am just as the sun was rising.

There was a lovely light on the nearby mountains.

The mountains changed in appearance throughout the day as the sun came and went.

Photo- shopped!

Antonio was a bit upset when he couldn’t get into the albergue and he decided to catch a train to the nearby town of Llanes and walk on from there.

However he was trying decide whether to go home for his wedding anniversary and today decided to be a good husband.

I saw a train when I passed through Llanes but I think he caught a different one.

In the morning, the path was just inland from the sea through pastures

and forest.

Along the coast are numerous blow holes where the ocean has eroded a tunnel under the cliff and a hole has formed.

Lots of small rivers flow the short distance from the mountains to the ocean.

As the Camino headed up towards the main road, I started hearing loud engine noises. When I arrived at the road, there were crowds of people as there was a rally passing through.

The noise of screaming engines was incredible, there was a strong rush of air as cars came by at high speed and a lingering smell of souped-up fuel.

Some onlookers seemed to have a death wish, standing right on corners at arms length away from cars driving at breakneck speeds.

My path headed up into the hills above the road, passing wildflower gardens,

and leading to Llanes, a pretty town on the coast . It would have been nice to stop for lunch, bit it was too early.

I was planning to eat at the next village I came to, called Poo, but it was only 12.00 and lunch didn’t start til 1.00pm. Pooh! Arriving the next village, it was 1.00pm, but lunch was served from 2.00pm!! Finally I found a place and here’s what you get for €12 ($AUS20, $US13)- a bottle of wine plus

There was a lone surfer out on this beach.

Getting near to my stop for tonight after 9 hours on the road.

Tomorrow it’s a 32km walk to tbe town of La Isla, where I’ll have the luxury of my own room.