The day started off foggy but when this lifted, it was a fine sunny day .

Via Sanabrés

The first part of the day was a long descent mainly on asphalt to the small town of Laza.

The second half of the day was a long ascent of around 600 metres. It was one of the tracks where you think you’ve reached the top, then the track turns a corner and there’s yet another climb

A pretty little church next to a stream
Via Sanabrés

There were more little villages with old stone houses 

Via Sanabrés

The 28 km to Albergería where we intended to stay tonight took around 7 hours, given the long climb. When we got there the famous bar with hundreds of cockle shells was closed except for the vending machine area and we couldn’t get the key to the albergue. 

Two little old ladies told us the guy would be back soon 

We waited for quite a while and I got very cold as I was wet through with sweat from the climb and the temperature was dropping . We eventually got him on the phone and he told us the albergue was closed . I think I’m lucky with the timing as a lot of the private albergues start to close for the season around the end of October.

So it was back walking to cover the 7 km to the next town which is larger and has a  Xunta or regional government  albergue.

Finally the town in sight !

Vía  de Sanabrés

I saw my first Galician Hórreo or grain store .

The albergue here is quite large and again there’s just the two of us. But there’s no washing line!

Dinner cooked by Carmiña – another tasty Galician soup

Via Sanabrés