Today we decided to walk through to Ourense as given our forced extended walk yesterday, other options would have made the day too short. It ended up being a 38km walk with a lot on asphalt. My feet are sore!

A looong straight road that went for miles

Via Sanabrés Camino Vilar Thanks 
There’s a lot of water in Galicia and I’m told it rains a lot.

Via Sanabrés Camino Vilar de Barrio
Some people sensibly carry an umbrella .

Via Sanabrés Camino Vilar de Barrio
Via Sanabrés
Camino Sanabrés Vilar de Barrio
I saw many more Hórreos or grain stores today – old ones, new ones and sometimes just the remains of some . Some people make them a feature of their gardens.

Via Sanabrés Camino Hórreo
I wasn’t too welcome here !

Nasty dog Camino Sanabrés
A more recent one next to a new house

 Via Sanabrés

At Xunqieria we stopped for lunch in bar in a lovely old restored building. It was also a private albergue and looked like it would have been a nice place to stay.

After eating the albóndigas or meatballs 

Meatballs Camino Sanabrés AlbondigasThanks 
I climbed up a rickety ladder and picked some figs.

The timing of this walk has been good for picking fruit. As I’ve walked north, the grapes, figs and apples have been ripening as I passed through. I had more grapes and figs along the road today.

Figs Along the Camino Sanabrés
There are chestnuts everywhere here. There all over the footpaths like mangos back home in January.

This place raises its pigs on chestnuts.

It seems to be a bigger year than normal for chestnuts and prices are low.

Getting close to Ourense the way wasn’t that pleasant

I’m staying here in a hotel for a rest day on Sunday and I’m planning to visit the hot springs that led the Romans to found the town. I parted company with Manolo as he’s staying in the Albergue and is heading off in the morning .