Montamarta – Granja de Moreruela October 13th

My morning mess – a plastic bag for everything and everything in its plastic bag!

 The forecast today was for rain and it had rained through the night.

I dressed accordingly!

The bar down the road was a cosy place for breakfast .

I decided  to walk with Antonio again today as the slower pace will be good and he has accurate data in his GPS.

As it turned out the route markings today were good although it will be confusing if anyone ever moves this bin !

It was raining lightly for the first hour or so of our day.

It wasn’t long before we passed again the abandoned partly built high speed railway line. The guy at the restaurant last night told us you can follow it for 27km directly to Tábara, saving a day in the walk to Santiago but I wanted to follow the traditional route. 

Little showers of rain continued through the day and at times we had sunshine.

via de  la plata Granja

via de la  plata granja
We passed the ruins of the town of Castrotorafe which reached its zenith in the 12th century and finally abandoned in the 18 th.viadfe la plata Granja

The lonely life of a shepherd – its not a very good photo but I wanted to include it as it gives an idea of the shepherd’s life.

It started raining heavily when we were a few kilometres from our destination and we sheltered under a culvert.

We arrived at the small village of Granja at around 2pm.

This is the point where the pilgrim must decided to either keep heading north along the Via de la Plata to Astorga where the route ends and intercepts the Camino Francés. This is the main pilgrimage route and the one that’s been popularised by film and books . I’m sure it’s very beautiful and culturally rich but I think it’s a bit of a victim of its own success . I heard that a few months ago over 200 pilgrims arrived in one day in a small village and there wasn’t enough food to feed them all.

I’ll be heading north west tomorrow slong the Via Sanabrés

Where the routes spit-

via de la plata Granja
As I write this, there’s the sound of thunder, but the forecast for the next few days at least is cloudy but fine.

I was hoping to visit a nearby ruined monastery but it might be a bit too wet.


3 thoughts on “Montamarta – Granja de Moreruela October 13th”

  1. I’m vicariously enjoying your pilgrimage Paul. The countryside rewinds me of Australia in ways- a sometimes harsh beauty and similar light. What antiquity in the towns and the ruins- it must feel amazing to know you’re walking in the footsteps of others who were there so long before you. Hope your leg is getting better. How far have you walked? When do you expect to arrive?

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Vicki it’s so good to get your comments ! I’ve got two weeks left and I’ve covered about 620km
      My left leg is finally better but I did something to the other ankle yesterday 🙄


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