El Cubo en la Tierra de Vino – Zamora October 11th

Today’s walk was almost entirely on gravel back roads with virtually no traffic and very peaceful .

It was a chilly morning again. A good thing about this cooler weather is that I’m now only carrying 2 litres of water which makes a big difference from the weight of my pack with the 4 litres I was carrying previously .

I found the landscapes very attractive .

There were large expanses of corn in irrigated fields.

The way was well marked with a lot of these large concrete blocks similar to Roman milestones . This one had a pilgrim’s staff and was bilingual.

I had one of those village bar lunches.

These sunflowers looked a bit sad.

A nice colour combination on the outskirts of Zamora!

The albergue is located in an ancient building next to the city wall.

These guys turned up in period costume just after I did but left when they found out there were no blankets – you have to have your own sleeping bag.

Zamora is noted for its fine Romanesque churches. This is the portal of Saint Mary Magdalene and it reminded me a lot of churches I’ve seen in Ireland.

The church of Santiago is reputedly where El CID was knighted by Ferdinand I.

Detail from a 15th century tapestry in the cathedral .


5 thoughts on “El Cubo en la Tierra de Vino – Zamora October 11th”

      1. Thanks Paul- I must do some research on Santiago. I saw the recurring she’ll emblems and wondered. Just found out how to get ur replies- drrrr


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