It was a chilly 5 degrees when I left Salamanca this morning. I zipped on the bottom of my convertible trousers to make them long  and dug out the coat that had been sitting unused at the bottom of my backpack for the last 3 weeks.

I had a bit of a walk getting out of  the city along busy footpaths.

School must start at about 9am

I eventually cleared the city and after a while walking on bitumen, I reached an area of open fields, probably for grain growing.

This house at the edge of a village was a bit different to the normal

There wete fields of corn being grown with irrigation.

The last part of the day was a 15km or so stretch of path running parrallel to the freeway   – a bit boring and noisy but it would be hard to get lost!

It was an exciting moment passing the prison just visible in the distance . I could hear instructions blaring out over loud speakers .

It’s a long stage today of 35km and some people in a farm house have set up an albergue around half way. They’ve provided this little shelter with water and photos about 9 km earlier to encourage business. Just past their turnoff they also had a seat in the shade with photos of tbe albergue. Very tempting but I needed to keep going.

I didn’t see another walker all day. Whilst I was having lunch under a tree I heard some Italian and thought it might be my friends, but it was two cyclists.

Lots of planes flying over today

I arrived at about 3pm after  7 hours of walking – not bad for 35km and my leg isn’t hurting too much.

I’m staying in the F y M albergue run by Carmen and her family who are also cooking me dinner.

An interesting albergue rule obviously springing from bitter experience..

Washing done

I thought I might miss the hustle and bustle of the city, but Cubo has its own hustle and bustle.