I spent the day slowly doing the rounds of the remaining major historic sites. Thankfully the swelling of my ankle and shin is a bit better. Tomorrow I’m thinking of tackling the 36km to Alcuéscar rather than stop after just 16km at the intermediate town of Aljucén. These place names certainly seem to have an Arabic flavour to them.

Down at the river this morning this man was feeding the ducks and carp.

School kids use pull along bags.

Pimento in the market


Lotteries must be popular as there are sellers all over the place.

I had a photo of the famous Roman bridge yesterday, but in this one you get a better idea of its full length.

Merida bridge
The theatre is spectacular .

merida theatre

Classical plays are performed in the Roman theatre.

Who thought speed bumps were something new ? These blocks forced carriages to slow down as they just fitted through the gap .


The excellent museum has many interesting objects, including this veiled head of Augustus as supreme pontiff. He  ordered the founding of Mérida which beared his name – Emerita Augusta.It’s considered to be one of the most significant sculptures of Roman Spain.

A remarkably modern looking glass bowl

A mosaic floor

The Temple of Diana

merida temple diana

Detail of the  Forum portico

The circus is built into a hill so there isn’t the usual colosseum type structure 
And of course Merida has  the modern counterpart of tbe circus, the bull ring.

I’ll leave it there though there’s more! Enough of Roman ruins for me and probably for you too if you’ve got this far! Time to move on .