There was breakfast at the hotel this morning but it didn’t start until 9.00am. I’m usually on the road by 8am but the idea of muesli, fruit and yoghurt instead of the usual toast in a bar was very appealing.I went down at 8.30 and the nice ladies let me in.

It wasn’t long before 3 others joined me and they were all pilgrims although also all having a rest day. One of them started somewhere in France and has already completed 1,000km.

For the first 6 kilometers the route follows the beach. I like the way that a wide strip of dunes has been retained between tbe beach and buildings. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened where I live.

At the end of the beach is an estuary and you need to catch a ferry to the other side.

It was nice to see an Australian flag amongst all the others.

At Santoña on the other side of the river is a set of fortifications built by Napolean’s army in the early 19th century.

and a very large prison.

A few kilometers further the camino heads up a sandy then rocky path to the top of a headland.

Looking back, you can see the big prison.

Around the headland was another beach.

This one was much less developed with a lot of campervans about.

The camino heads inland from here through green countryside.

Organic produce for sale
Here’s someone offering to help pilgrims with muscular probkems for a donation.

After walking alone for hours, I suddenly found myself in a group.

The others had left earlier and had already stopped for lunch so I just kept walking with them and ended up completing the 29km without stopping.

I continued walking with Adriene who I met a few days ago then we came across Lola and José who I hadn’t seen for 4 or 5 days.

After a bit of navigational confusion, we arrived at the famous Albergue ‘Cabaña del Abuelo Peuto’ run by Padre Ernesto Buzio.

Signing in

The place is much bigger than I had imagined with many separate buildings.

After an address by Padre Ernesto we had a communal dinner wwith 50 pilgrims and there’s also breakfast tomorrow. He only asks for a donation.

Cabaña del abuelo peuto

Cabaña del abuelo peuto