Alicia who runs the B&B where I stayed very kindly washed my clothes. Her flat is in a 1970s building that has an empty core where people hang their washing.

After a bit of arm twisting, she agreed to get my breakfast at the early hour of 8am and soon after I was walking west through the streets of the city.

As well as the beach on the east side of the city that I saw arriving yesterday, there are two more I passed this morning to the west.

The path soon climbed up into rolling fields behind the coastline.

I saw quite a few apple trees with quite small fruit, probably the ones they use to make cider.

There were hydrangeas growing everywhere, many of them wild.

I saw quite a few other people walking today, but none of the friends I made yesterday.

Perhaps when I get to a point where there are pilgrim albergues every night, I’ll find some walking companions.

Only 787km to go!

Quite a bit of today’s camino followed ancient stone pathways that are thought to date back around 1,000 years.

I couldn’t help wonder if the construction of these pathways was one of the origins of the Basque sport that involves carrying a heavy rock from one point to another.

In this area there are also some vineyards.

Txakoli is a lightly sparkling dry white wine produced around here.

There was some very pleasant countryside and the weather was fine and warm.

Towards the end of the walk, the path traverses the little fishing port of Orio with its historic architecture.

The porch of the church of Saint Nicholas of Bari at Orio.

Zarautz is a beach resort and surfing centre although there wasn’t much happening today in the surf.

Down at the beach, the cafes are oe from 7am until 4am! I got an nice early dinner of fish soup and bacalao a la viscaina with bottle of cider.

Tomorrow the walk to Deba continuing along the coast is only 23 km although there’s a lot of climbing to do.