There were quite a few pilgrims in the albergue last night and my room was full with 16 people. I’d guess about 10 were heavy snorers. After a nice breakfast provided by the albergue, it was time to hit the road again as you have to leave by 8am.

Soon I was climbing up towards the Sanctuary of Guadalupe. The view looking back was good although towards the rising sun.

Morning ablutions

I walked through the morning with Lola and José. We chatted a lot. My Spanish is getting better already.

There were lots of chestnuts.

The town of Pasajes de San Juan is very interesting. There’s a narrow gap in the rocky coastline which opens out into a large bay, with an old Basque fishing village in the narrow section.

What’s amazing is that large vessels which carry Spanish made cars squeeze in and out through the passage. There’s a very large traffic light for ships on a hill to avoid unfortunate maritime incidents.

I had another little ferry ride which saves an hour’s walking.

From here the path follows an ancient stone road.

There’s a spot called the “Witch’s Rocks” I think because of the shipwrecks due to sailors mistaking the inlet for the Pasajes harbour entrance.

I walked for a while with an English couple and later two Italian guys. Three languages in one day! My head hurts.

After around 7 hours, the city of San Sebastian came into view.

It’s a beautiful city with large areas of pedestrian zones.

There’s a lot of very attractive art deco architecture.

It’s pintxos for dinner tonight. They’re a large sized Basque version of tapas. As wall as being keen to try them, this meant that I didn’t have to wait up till pilgrim bedtime when restaurants open.

(Baby eels in case you were were wondering)

washed down with the famous Basque cider.

Well its bed time now in my nice private rroom after a long day. ¡Hasta mañana!