Rain had been forecast again today, but this morning the sky was clear. I’d had enough of carrying my raincoat wrapped around my waist for the last 2 days so I put it away and off I went.

It wasn’t long after I set out before I was looking back at a fine view of the hill behind Monselice

 Via Romea Germanica

The walk today was extremely flat. The guide book says that there was a total climb of just 35 metres over the 35km walk.

Here’s a nice field of poppies.

Crossing over the freeway . I could see Monselice off in the distance.

Everyone knows the answer to this question!

Via Romea Germanica rovigot

Eventually the path turned to gravel along the top of a levee bank along the Gorzone Canal.

The pathway was being mowed.

Via Romea Germanica Rovigo

There weren’t many opportunities to sit down for lunch so I stopped when I came across this old irrigation sluice control area .

In the afternoon I came across the Adige River again. I’d last seen it 9 days ago up in tbe valley north of Trent.

Via Romea Germanica Rovigo

It flows down through Verona and into the Adriatic a bit north of the River Po’s delta. The Adige is Italy’s second longest river after the Po.

I came across another flock of sheep plus 4 goats who had settled a distance away from the sheep .

I was passed by a group of cyclists and later come across them repairing a flat tyre. Two were from Switzerland and two from Canada and today they were doing a leisurely cycle from Chioggia to Rovigo.

Here’s another seriously leaning church bell tower.

I arrived in Rovigo late afternoon. It was a busy Saturday.

Via Romea Germanica

In the B&B there was an interesting display of old shoes. The owners father had had a shoe manufacturing business in Strà near Venice back in the 1960s.

Here his father is saying the shoe models are like his children. He passed away a few years back unfortunately.

Pumpkin Tortelli !

Tomorrow I’m doing a short day’s walk to the little town of Polesellla situated on the Po River.