Unfortunately I didn’t meet any other pilgrims at the hostel last night. In fact the huge place had only a handful of guests.

I passed through the beautiful cloister again on my way out of town as I had to have another look. Here’s a fresco of Adam and Eve along with assorted devils .

Via Romea Germanica Italy Bressanone

I passed out of the town through one of the ancient gates.

Via Romea Germanica Italy Bressanone

This sign is interesting as it’s written in all 3 of the official languages of the Province of Bozen/Bolzano/Bulsan that is German, Italian and also Ladino, a Romance language spoken mostly in the Dolomites area.

Soon I was climbing steeply up the side of the valley and the walk today continued through fields

Via Romea Germanica Italy

and forests high up the mountain side

Via Romea Germanica Italy Chiusa

Via Romea Germanica

There were wonderful views of the Dolomite Mountains off in the distance .

Via Romea Germanica italy Chiusa

After walking alone for 4 days today I met an Australian couple from Canberra who are walking for 4 days along the same path. That’s them in the distance behind a very friendly local dog .

This farmer was enjoying the warm sunny weather.

Via Romea Germanica italy Chiusa

So was this pig.

Via Romea Germanica italy Chiusa

This beautiful little church overlooks the valley, with views of the Dolomites behind.

Via Romea Germanica italy Chiusa

A interesting old church bell

Via Romea Germanica italy Chiusa

The monastery of Säben/Sabiona is located in this incredible position above the town of Klausen.

 Via romea Germanica Sabina Monastery

The site has been occupied since Neolithic times.

Via Romea Germanica

It was for a time a fortress of the local bishops and since 1686 has been occupied by Benedictine nuns.

Via Romea Germanica Chiusa Klausen

Klausen by night is a bit quiet

but I managed to find a nice Bärlauchpressknödel dish for dinner!