Some pilgrims are very messy – not me !

This sign at the hostel had been corrected in every language – even Spanish !

I started the day with the usual ‘café americano, pan tostado y marmolada.’ At the bar the there was a pinball machine, right next to the cigarette machine!

I started the day walking with Muchael but he was too fast for me and after a while I caught up with Luís and we walked together to Cáceres.

 His two week holiday finishes this weekend and he’s back to work in Barcelona on Monday.  

I passed through Cáceres without stopping – I’ve been there before for a few days stay with my family.

After Cáceres , the country was very open . I saw what looked like a section of the Roman road.

A nice short 21km day today with a hostel right in the centre of town. Being Saturday, I thing it night be noisy tonight. It’s noisy at 4pm when these towns are usually all quiet !

At the albergue 

I visited the cheese museum where the lady was a bit hard to understand as she pronunced her ‘h’s which you normally  don’t and  pronunced her ‘s’s which you normally do! It was housed in a beautifully restored very old village house – fascinating. I suspect Masimilliano and I might have been the only visitors that day!

The church is very beautiful and has the usual storks’ nests

Off to dinner now !