Monasterio – Fuente de Cantos 23rd September

Today was only a 21 km walk which is just as well as the hotel breakfast doesn’t start until 8 am.

I bought some ham to have with my bread for lunch . Monasterio touts itself as the Spanish capital of jamòn, there’s even a ham museum here.

The first part of the walk was very pleasant along the banks of a little creek with a lot of livestock along the way.

This naughty little sheep was on the wrong side of the fence .

These lucky pigs were in a field of fig trees and the figs were mature and dropping on to the ground.

After this stage I took a wrong turn and ended up doing about 14 km on asphalt . There wasn’t much signage. It was pretty hot and shadeless  the whole way. Luckily it was before the full heat of the day.

You can see the white houses of my destination way off in the distance.

The albergue is in a nice converted monastery and had its own bar and restaurant.

I had my late lunch of jamòn iberico that I’d bought with me along with a beer from the bar.

I’m in a room with 4 beds and just one other pilgrim – a spaniard. I hope he doesn’t snore ! I imagine he hopes I don’t snore.

¡Me duelan los pies! My feet hurt .


4 thoughts on “Monasterio – Fuente de Cantos 23rd September”

  1. I just checked my steps on my phone. I’ve averaged 15000 steps since arriving in the UK 10 days ago. So you’re doing way way more every day! No wonder your feet hurt! Love the shadow photos!

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    1. Thanks Helen. Your feet and legs usually toughen up after a few weeks. The bruising is coming out on my shin and I’m sure it will be better soon also. There are some long stages on this walk!🙁


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