After the long day yesterday, I took things a bit easier, though I still had almost 1,000m of climbing. I’ve found this walk quite strenuous !

I had a pleasant view this morning before heading off on my walk .

Another one of those Italian local festivals!

After my first climb of the day, I reached the Castle of Trebbiano which largely dates from the 12th to 14th centuries . It was a favourite hunting base of Lorenzo the Magnificent .

Here’s a complicated set of road signs!

After even more climbing along quite pleasant mountain trails, and meeting 2 walkers coming the other way , I arrived at the Badia of Buonsallazzo.

The name of this monastery comes from the Latin ‘bonus solarium’ as the place was supposedly always sunny. It was founded some time before 1000AD. In this photo, the Castle of Trebbiano that I passed some hours before can be seen in the middle distance , whilst the mountains I spent the last few days crossing form the distant background.

I came across a group of large pine trees all blown over in a storm.

A typical sign along the way  – turn left!

I arrived at my hotel in Bivigliano quite early in the afternoon and found I had the smallest hotel room I’d seen in a while! Tomorrow I have a half day walk and then I catch a train back to Bologna.