Via degli Dei – Bologna – Badolo March 22nd

Unfortunately the weather forecast today was for fog and rain but I set off nevertheless from our little apartment in Bologna. Like most old Italian buildings, there is a huge front door .

I passed by the main piazza with its statue of Neptune before heading south to the hills.

For most of the day there was quite heavy fog and light rain making walking on roads a bit dangerous 

Every now and then the fog lifted a little allowing glimpses of the surrounding hills  


 As you would expect, the path was muddy and wet so my socks were soon wet through. However, I followed the road through the hills which follows closely the original Etruscan route and I’m sure it was a lot dryer than the alternate path. The alternative follows the river valley and is usually recommended as it avoids the bitumen and traffic. But after my terrible experience on that path the other week, I avoided it (see my last post!) 



After around 5 hours and 26km I reached my B&B at Badolo and my wet boots and clothes were soon drying in front of a comfy fire. 


4 thoughts on “Via degli Dei – Bologna – Badolo March 22nd”

  1. Know that front door and Neptune scenes well – as for the rest, no – but you captured a very romantic atmosphere in the foggy landscape. You made right decision to stay ‘high and dry ‘.


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