I found that the signage along the Via Francigena varies from non-existent to excellent. One of the standard signs looks like this.  Sometimes there are signs for different modes of transport.

Via Francigena standard sign         Via Francigena three signs Via Francigena speed limit sign Via Francigena  sign

VF sign

This one was quite amusing.

Via Francigena Taro River sign

But sometimes these signs lead you astray from a shorter more direct path and are intended for people on short weekend walks. On one occasion I followed my guidebook and two other pilgrims followed these signs and arrived very tired at the hostel two hours later.

Another common sign is this “milestone” type one.Via Francigena milestone type Via Franvigena signNot a confidence inspiring milepost !

or this type. DSC00996

There is also a coloured arrow system in use in some places, with a yellow arrow pointing towards Rome and a white one in the other direction towards Santiago de Compostella. Its actually hard to walk in the reverse correction. I came across one guy who thought he was heading away from Rome, when in fact he was heading towards Rome. These rock signs will give you the idea.

.Via Francigena two rock sign   Via Francigena ceramic sign  Via Francigena street furniture sign Viss Francigena Santiago sign

Rome to the right , Santiago to the left !

Sometimes the Via Fracigena coincides with the red and white signs of the Club Alpina Italiana or “CAI” but then again sometimes they don’t !

Via francigena rock in forest  Via Francigena flapping in breeze  Via Francigena cani Sarzana sign Via francigena tree sign

Via Francigena CAI sign DSC01241  Via Francigena fallen tree  Via Francigena break Via Francigena rock

Via Francigena down hill

Then there are all sorts of variants.

Via Francigena cartoon sign Via Francigena pole sign Via Francigena back of sign Via Francigena written sign

Via Francigean roma sign  Via Francigena tree arrow sign Via francigena another tree in forest DSC01969

And there are guide boards, but often they show circuitous routes taking in lots of interesting sites.


I think this was my favourite sign, with a little grotto.

Via Francigena grotto

And this one – well it had the pilgrim’s shells !

Via Francigena Chianti

My final sign – the hostel in Rome !