Ponte d’Arbia – San Quirico D’Orcia April 26th

Today the weather looked a bit threatening but in the end there was only a bit of light rain for a short period. A bit of mist this morning also lent a different atmosphere to the landscape.

All my blisters have healed except for one big one on the heel that’s been there now for weeks.

The landscape changed again today as we passed through wine territory – Brunello Di Montalcino. There were also  grain fields as well as some olive trees. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves .


 For lunch I had a panino with porchetta  (roast pork with crackling yum !)

   We met a group of Italian girls last night and we walked together for part of the way. One of the nice things about this walk is the people you meet along the way

 Tempting  – but closed Sundays

We passed the beautiful little walled town of Buonconvento.

 Not far to go now !

I arrived in San Quirico to find a beautiful little town in the middle of a wine festival.

The interesting romanesque church

The car park

Inexplicably, there are at least 16 people in the hostel tonight, after weeks of me seeing almost no other pilgrims. Where did they all come from ?  

A nice place to hang the washing



4 thoughts on “Ponte d’Arbia – San Quirico D’Orcia April 26th”

  1. Like they say… “All roads lead to Rome”. Maybe the roads are now converging! the walk looks like a great experience. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Paul – loved today’s photos, esp the 201 kms to Rome, and your route at right angles to it ??. Also the car park full of ‘ape’. Don’t you just love them and wish you could get one home on checked luggage.


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