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The Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is one of the many pilgrim trails which cross Europe. This trail follows what is thought to reasonably close to the journey described by an Archbishop of Canterbury, Sigeric, in the 10th century as he journeyed to Tome to collect his pallium from the Pope.

I walked to last 650km or so of this route.

3 thoughts on “The Via Francigena

  1. Ciao Paul, ho approfittato del lunch time al lavoro per leggere il tuo blog e mi e’sembrato di tuffarmi di nuovo nella Francigena.
    Complimenti,e’davvero scritto bene !
    Ora curati i piedi e goditi delle belle vacanze con tua moglie.
    Utreya ! (antico saluto dei pellegrini)
    Un abbraccio

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