Before leaving Sutri this morning I paid a visit to the cathedral to see again the crypt that I’d visited 3 years ago.

It was built in the times of the Longobards some 1,300 years ago

The cosmatesque floor of the church is also very beautiful.

The path out of Sutri took me through this cutting in the volcanic tuff very likely dating back to Etruscan times.

I also got my panino for lunch. I have to say that Italians don’t have much imagination when it comes to bread rolls . You can have cheese, ham or cheese and ham.

I’ve been walking now for almost 6 weeks and enjoying all the wild flowers. Today I came across one that I hadn’t seen before and it was everywhere .

My friend Barbara tells me that it’s called Vicia Cracca in Italian

I passed by the cascades of Monte Gelato. As it was a Sunday there were lots of picnickers.

I went by a golf course with villa accommodation. In this small crowded country, golf is expensive and somewhat exclusive .

I passed through the town of Campagnano di Roma. The road up to these towns always seems so steep .

Via Romea Germanica

I found the town fountain, a rather fancy one, to replenish my water bottles on this hot day .

There was a market with lots of bric a brac.

I passed a lot of new plantings of hazel nuts .

They have a high profit margin and start producing after around 5 years.

I got a big fright when I in turn frightened a boar piglet hidden in the bushes beside the road and it raced off, too fast for me to get a photo. It had attractive brown markings that disappear after ‘piglethood ‘.

These naughty sheep somehow got through the fence and onto the road.

They got quite frightened when I came past.

The local council has set up quite a few pilgrim rest spots with information boards and these strange seats .

Perhaps the idea is to sit whilst resting your backpack on the support ?

There was some beautiful scenery but also for quite a while the roar of racing car engines . I never did see the racetrack .

Getting close!

I reached Formello quite late in tbe afternoon after a long walk in the heat. The walk was 4km longer that the last time I’d done it as they’ve eliminated the dangerous section walking along the Via Cassia.

Here’s a photo from 3 years ago on this stage when I was walking with two friends I made along the way . It was scary.

The entry gate to Formello.

Two things that Formello has in abundance are flowers

and cats.

There are 4 in this photo I think.

It’s a very pretty little town.

This plate of fettuccine certainly hit the spot, as did the steak afterwards .

Looks like a full moon tonight .

Tomorrow Rome!