After leaving Santa Sofia I was soon climbing into the hills.

Which way ?

Yes! I’m going the right way, there’s the reassuring red VRG arrow .

Via romea Germanica italy Santa Sofia

Here’s one way to keep your roof on.

Down below you can just get a glimpse of Santa Sofia where I started from this morning.

I’m reminded everyday of just how powerful a sense of smell dogs have. They start barking when I’m still at least 100m from a farmhouse, sometimes more. Luckily they’ve all been locked up so far.

This pleasant track was lined with beech trees.

Via Romea Germanica italy bagno

This house would have a fine view.

Via romea Germanica bagno Romagna

In the early afternoon I saw two walkers coming the other way.

They were Ida and Gilberto, two more members of the VRG Association who live nearby and had decided to surprise me!

Via romea Germanica bagno Romagna

We walked together for a few hours. It was a wonderful surprise.

It was a much cooler day than yesterday and some light rain fell.

We passed the ruins of Corzano Castle.

An eye in the sky!

I parted company with my new friends and before long I reached the little town of Bagno di Romagna. It’s been known for its natural hot springs since Roman times.

Tagliatelli con prugnoli – the mushrooms I encountered a few posts ago in Cusercoli.

Today I climbed about 900m which was good practice for tomorrow when I’ll be climbing around 1,200m over the Serra Pass into Tuscany.

The photo below was a view I had today looking towards the pass .