I decided to push through what the guide book recommends as 2 stages in one day. It was a long walkwith quite a bit of climbing .

As I left Trento, I passed the Buonconsiglio Castle which was the residence of the Prince- Bishops who ruled the area from the 13th til the 18th century .

The path quickly became steep as it headed up around 500m to the Cimirlo Pass.

Via romea germanica Trento

Here’s a view looking back down towards Trento

Via Romea Germanica

There are Italian flags up everywhere because the annual national Alpini get-together is happening this year in Trento.

The Alpini are a mountain corps of the Italian army dating back to 1872 and they have a very active veterans association.

I stumbled across a TV show being filmed I think for the event.

Not long after starting the descent from the pass, another member of the VRG Association, Silvana and 2 grandkids were waiting to greet me

I passed by a couple of beautiful lakes .

Via Romea Germanica Vía Romea Germanica Trento

I had a go at taking a photo through my Polaroid sun glasses.

A long part of today’s walk was along the asphalt bike path which follows the Brenta River.

Via Romea Germanica

There were a few people fishing . This guy had just caught a trout.

Via romea germanica valsugana

The view from the valley was very beautiful

After around nine and a half hours on the road I finally arrived at Borgo. The restaurant that belongs to the people who run the place I’m staying has great seafood !

Another long walk on asphalt tomorrow !