Once more this morning I was heading up the side of the valley for a pleasant walk through vineyards and little villages.

Via Romea Germanica Alto Adige

The day started out cloudy but fined up and reached 27 degrees which is quite hot here for this time of year.

Time to top up at a fountain !

Via Romea Germanica fountain

Via Romea Germanica Alto Adige

Alto Adige via Romea Germanica

Along the path were signs describing the numerous varieties of grapes grown here including Schiava, Lagrein Pinot Pero, Merlot,Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and many others

The vineyards stretched high up the side of the mountains lining the valley. Here’s a flying fox used for harvesting and other vineyard work.

Via Romea Germanica

I saw a few old vines with their original trellis.

Via romea Germanica

These naughty gnomes must have done something bad to end up behind bars !

About half way through the day, the path descended and crossed the valley. I crossed the freeway

and the Adige River

Via Romea Germanica Alto Adige

On the other side of the valley were mainly apple trees but also the odd vineyard and lots of flowers . The Wisteria is in bloom .

Via Romea Germanica Alto Adige

After quite a bit of walking on asphalt I reached Salurn. It’s located at the narrowest point of the Adige Valley that you can see in the photo above and is the last German speaking town. Tomorrow when I round the bend, it will be all Italian.

Watering the street flower pots.

I’m staying in a hostel named after Dr. Josef Noldin and located in the house in which he was born.

During the fascist era, Mussolini tried to stamp out the German culture in the South Tyrol and closed German language schools.

Dr Noldin ran secret ‘catacomb schools ‘ and was found out and sent to internal exile in tbe south of Italy. He was released but died from an illness he had contracted there.

My washing on the roof.

Tomorrow I walk to Trento.