My second day of walking took me up a succession of valleys to the Brenner Pass at 1,370m and across the border into Italy.

Via Romea Germanica Mattrei Austria

On the way out of town I passed more of those painted facades

Mattei am Brenner Via Romea Germanica Austria

I also passed a blacksmith’s shop. Wrought iron is very popular for shop signs, grill doors and even graves.

Matrei am Brenner is Romea Germanica Austria

A speed monitor clocked me at 6 km/hr.

To avoid the busy road along the valley floor, the route took me up and down lots of little back roads up the side of the valley – about 800m of climbing.


The roads and tracks up the side of the valley were very pretty.

Via Romea Germanica Austria

 Via Romea Germanica Austria

Via Romea Germanica Austria

Via Romea Germanica Austria

I saw a few more ‘Via Romea’ signs today but not too many . I’m glad I’ve got my trusty little Garmin GPS loaded with the route details!

Via Romea Germanica Austria

Farmers like to display all the awards they’ve won at agricultural shows on the walls of their barns.

Via Romea Germanica Austria

Via Romea Germanica Austria

I admired this bit of road engineering, not realising that the path actually went up around this viaduct!

via romea germanica austria brenner

via romea germanica austria viaduct

I missed a ‘path closed’ sign somehow and found myself in the middle of a logging operation with big logs blocking the path. I had to scramble up the side of the mountain to get around all this, whoops!

As I got higher up towards the pass, there was still some snow on the ground.

Via Romea Germanica Austria

As the valley got narrower and narrower, I had to walk along the Brenner Highway.

Via Romea Germanica Austria

Finally I arrived at the Brenner Pass where I found a large collection of outlet centres! This is the old border marker between Austria and Italy.

Via Romea Germanica Austria

From there on it was all downhill along a paved cycle track, a bit hard on the feet but safe.

There was lots of water from melting snow here too but instead of flowing to the Black Sea via the Danube as it does in Austria, on this side of the pass the water flows to the Adriatic Sea via the Adige River.

Via Romea Germanica Italy

Brennerbad as the name suggests is a spa town and this is the local mineral water.

As befits being in the German speaking region of Italy, I had an Italian inspired first course and Austrian second course.

Via romea germanica Brenner

Tomorrow I’ve got a short walk down to the medieval town of Sterzing/Vipiteno.