Santiago must have been a fascinating place back in the Middle Ages, with the huge focus on pilgrimage. Pilgrimage and associated tourism is still important and it was a bit of a shock to arrive here after travelling through so many tiny and simple villages.

There are many pilgrims each day arriving and I e never seen so many people hobbling around and using walking sticks!

The cathedral reflects the centuries of importance and patronage it has enjoyed but unfortunately the most famous of its features, the 12th century Portico of Glory, is closed for restoration. 

At the twice daily pilgrims’ mass, the Botafumeiro is often used. In medieval times it was a way of fumigating the massed stinking and often unwell pilgrims as well as being part of the mass.

The cathedral organ

It’s traditional for pilgrims to hug this statue of St James from the rear. 

Here’s the hugging queue which snakes right around the church

And here’s another queue outside to buy lottery tickets which seem to be immensely popular in Spain .

The special cross of Santiago can see seen everywhere . In the cathedral

On the Torta de Santiago which is a kind of almond cake

And on pilgrim’s hats

And there are lots of souvenirs !
A Galician piper busking 

Clogs in the Gallego folk museum

A bit of art nouveau amongst all the medieval buildings !

After having chips/ french fries just about every night for 6 weeks I went tonight to an Italian restaurant and ordered beef with eggplant grrrrrr! Time to go home.