Abadia ad Isola – Siena April 23rd

Our stay at the hostel, whose proper name is the Ospitale dei Santi Cirino e Giacomo was quite a different experience as it’s run by a confraternity that has a number of hostels . Volunteer members staff them and during our stay our hosts were Lucia and Antonio. We were welcomed by a foot washing ceremony and then had the pleasure of our hosts’ company for dinner. In the morning after breakfast, they accompanied us of the first leg of our walk, as far as Monteriggioni.


left to right Jean- Michel, Antonio, Lucia and Robert

Monteriggioni is a perfectly preserved , completely walled village . It was built by the Sienese at the edge of their territory facing Florence in the 1200s These cities were often at war.

Judging by the size of the tour bus parking area, it must get a lot of visitors , but it was very quiet when we passed through at 8.30.


The walk continued through pleasant countryside, but ended up with a few kilometers of quite dangerous walking on  the edge of busy roads with absolutely no edging. It was the lunch  time rush hour again !


Dammit , I’m going to miss the boar festival

Look at the size of this rosemary bush !


Sorry folks, I was hungry , it was there and I still had a way to go to get into town.


I reached Siena. I had forgotten just how hilly it is and in finding my hotel, I certainly walked up and down a lot of them.

I walked down this street looking for my hotel


Then was told I needed to walk up these stairs ( of which you can see a quarter)

I finished the afternoon with a trip to the laundry , taking off as many things to wash as I could and still stay decent. Wonderfully clean everything  !

Rest day tomorrow even though my feet aren’t too bad – just one giant blister on a heel.

Basilica of San Domenico and moon



2 thoughts on “Abadia ad Isola – Siena April 23rd”

  1. Paul, I am getting addicted to your daily posts, would you mind doubling back or continuing when you reach Rome. Love your work!


    1. Thanks Alex, it’s great to get some positive feedback. I actually met a young yank yesterday who thought he was heading away from Rime but was actually going the same way as me. It’s hard to go the other way as the signs are mostly set up for heading to Rome


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