San Miniato – Gambassi Terme April 20th

Today the beautiful blue skies returned and our walk was almost totally in rural areas on quiet gravel roads and tracks. We passed nowhere where you could buy food but we were ready for this – more if this later.

The day was quite different to yesterday when we passed areas with many abandoned commercial buildings. I think they were mainly related to the leather and shoe industry which is very sad as I imagine the work has gone overseas .

I awoke this morning to a beautiful view from my window and the smell of cooking.


the view from my window this morning


The smells turned out to be our breakfast which comprised prosciutto, salami, cheese, mini pizzas, home made biscuits, cakes and tarts.

Our host Anna also gave us lunch parcels using what was left over as she knew we’d need it.

The countyside we passed through was peaceful and beautifully verdant. There were bits of forest , general agriculture, olives, and increasingly grape vines towards the end of the day .

We chatted with this Afghani man trimming olive trees . He’d slso worked in Belgium in a steel mill

The  signs marking the way are very good here and there are also rest spots with picnic tables and sometimes information boards and water . There’s nothing like this in Emilia. We even came across a couple of first aid stations complete with syringes as well as the usual things you’d expect .

The last few kilometers always seem longer, especially walking uphill but we finally arrived at our beautiful newly built hostel. For a very reasonable €8 each they are also cooking us dinner !


The washing should dry with this afternoon sun



7 thoughts on “San Miniato – Gambassi Terme April 20th”

    1. The northern border of Tuscany is actually the mountain range I crossed days ago. Tuscany is actually quite diverse. I’m now in the part that most people associate with Tuscany. San Gimignano today and Siena tomorrow where I might take another rest day


  1. Finally found the map of your path- about half the length of Italy! Wow! I knew it was 600km but i seems more on the map! The food you are having looks very yummy.

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  2. Paul, just got the details of your blog. It’s been great reading through it – feel like I’m right beside you (minus the blisters and the underwear…)!

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